Built on the shoreline of Carding Mill Bay this unique house is accessed at upper floor level, over a bridge into a circular tower linked to a square containing living and sleeping accommodation.

Built as a life-long house both a helical stair and a lift have been included in the tower which also houses the library. A window and glazed door on each floor give views to the bay and islands beyond. Porthole windows allude to the marine location. The tower is clad in Easdale slate, while the living area is rendered. Both roofs are clad in zinc giving a sharp appearance to the roofscape.

Natural light from a lantern light floods into the upper hall while a sunpipe taken through 2 floors, provides natural light in the ground floor hall. Bedrooms and bathrooms are on the upper floor. One has a wooden bath that is set into pebbles lit from below again acknowledging the marine environment.

Living and dining rooms on the ground floor open onto a deck with a glazed balustrade to minimise obstruction of the view. The hand built kitchen appears to be made from one single tree. Pocket doors to all rooms give an open plan feel and technology has been used throughout to great effect with for instance sensors rather than light switches in the halls.

The house has underfloor heating, a heat recovery system and PV panels on the garage in the garden.

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